Exam Preparation Resources

The ICRM offers a variety of resources for CRA and CRM candidates to prepare for the six examinations.

Recommended Reading The following publications have been recommended by the Exam Development Committee as excellent preparation resources. They are all available at the ARMA Bookstore:
In addition, specific to Part 1: Essentials of Contemporary Management, 7th Edition by Gareth R. Jones and Jennifer M. George, ISBN: 978-1-2595-4547-4
In addition, specific to Part 5:  Fundamentals of Information Systems, 7th Edition by Ralph M. Stair; George Reynolds, ISBN-10: 1-133-62962-8, ISBN-13: 978-1-133-62962-7

Accepted Acronyms can be found here.

ARMA Study Packs
ARMA has created specially priced packages of resources recommended by the ICRM’s Exam Development Committee to help those of you who are studying for either the Certified Records Analyst (CRA) exam (Parts 2-4) or the Certified Records Manager (CRM) exam (Parts 1-5) – the list is below.
  • Part 1 Management Principles and the Records and Information Management Program
    • B4894 Fundamentals of Management, Essential Concepts and Applications
    • A4908 Managing Records and Information Programs, Principles, Techniques & Tools
    • B4878 Project Management Best Practices
    • A4931 RIM: Fundamentals of Professional Practice
  • Part 2 Records and Information: Creation and Use
    • A4938 Best Practices for Managing Electronic Messages
    • B4872 Information Nation: Seven Keys to Info Management Compliance
    • B4906 Records and Information Management
    • A4931 RIM: Fundamentals of Professional Practice
  • Part 3 Records Systems, Storage and Retrieval
    • A4767 Controlled Language in Records & Information Management
    • A4726 Establishing Alphabetic, Numeric & Subject Filing Systems
    • A4657 Micrographics: Technology for 21st Century
    • A4731 Records Management: Making Transition From Paper to Electronic
    • A4929 Record Center Operations
    • A4931 RIM: Fundamentals of Professional Practice
    • A4958 Understanding Electronic Records Storage Technologies
  • Part 4 Records Appraisal, Retention, Protection, and Disposition
    • B4308 Arranging & Describing Archives
    • A4914 Emergency Management Records & Information Program
    • A4912 How To Develop A Retention Schedule
    • A4931 RIM: Fundamentals of Professional Practice
  • Part 5 Technology
    • A4760 Digital Document Management
    • A4910 Managing Electronic Records
    • A4931 RIM: Fundamentals Professional Practice
The study material listed coincides with the 2015-2016 Outline and Exam.   To purchase the Study Packs click on the links below: Sample Questions The sample questions are offered below are meant as samples only. They are not in the test bank and will not appear on any exam. The answers also list the line in the Outline that each question would be tied to where it is on the exam.

ICRM Prep Workshop

ICRM endorsed CRM Examination Preparation Programs sponsored by ARMA chapters and industry-specific associations. Examination Preparation Programs

ARMA International; Essentials of RIM Certificate and CRM Examination Outline.
Click here  for more details on how obtaining the Essentials of RIM Certificate which can help you prepare for the CRM exams.

Exam Prep and Mentorship Opportunities

The ICRM also offers a program that is facilitated by its Mentorship Coordinator who will help pair  CRM mentors with Part 6 candidates upon request. If a mentor is already working with a candidate through a chapter study group, the mentor may request additional materials from the ICRM to facilitate the process.   For more information on establishing a mentor relationship with CRMs in your local area, please contact the ICRM Mentorship Coordinator: Howard Loos, CRM, CDIA at mentor@icrm.org

Additional Resources

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